Building A Career In Cloud Business Development

The employment niche for Business Development in Saas, Paas and Cloud Software and applications is wanting for experienced job applicants with both specific and general market knowledge. There is very definitely a skills shortage.

The Inexorable Move To Cloud Applications

And it’s not surprising as we see more and more software offerings going to a cloud based delivery. Of course the scalability allows for much greater and wider deliver as well as being able to offer enterprise style functionality to small and medium enterprise. It really is a win situation for all concerned.

But of course this does lead to a massive demand for skills in the marketplace.

Modern day job candidates are, of course, expected to be conversant in the latest customer management techniques, and workers with exposure to the newest developments are likely to be scarce, which means that companies attempting to recruit skill for their pre-sales methods, activities might experience challenges seeking the right fit.

The Right Expertise

To seek and come across hires having the correct expertise for a coud business development job, firstly you need to fully comprehend the market and how the current cloud offerings market fits together.

And, finding those key hires in a market that is clearly out of balance is where the expertose of specialst recruitment group Harvey Thomas should be utilised.

When founder Jon Eyers put together Harvey Thomas in 2008 and focused Pre-Sales work opportunities, no one in actual fact knew how the market was going to grow.

Massive Growth of The Sector

“We saw it as a valid niche”, he explains, “but in all honesty, we couldn’t have seen the massive growth, which of course, is down, to the factors you mention earlier”.

“Now we look back on it, it’s obvious, but in all honesty, as a race, we are not wonderfully good at grasping the ultimate potential of something. You only have to look at how quickly the roads have filled up”, he smiles broadly.

Risk Management

The risk in finding hires for an undecided market has been rewarded all these years later, mainly because the agency is now the initial and only stop for high-tech firms of various kinds when they would like to employ expert professionals with Technical Engineering Software Development skills.

Firms looking to hire in this arena recognize from experience that the consultants at Harvey Thomas can assist them unearth highest-quality job applicants quick, as the company has been recruiting for nearly all of these businesses profitably for more than a decade.

Managing The Matching

“As well as possessing a huge data source of potential accomplished job seekers that we have established over the years, a large amount of our professionals have been involved in the internet commerce or online marketing segment, so have an expansive knowledge of the talent that a likely recruit needs, and also where to discover the greatest people,” says Harvey Thomas co-founder Jon Eyers, who set up the business from the start with this business associate Tom Sturgess, says, “We keep a record of all Saas, Software Development contenders we have located in the past and remain in contact with them often, so we know if they’re ready to find another job and then we can match up them with perfect customers’ specifications”.

“It’s taken a number of years, but I could now assertively announce that we have several incredibly large effective – and recognized – businesses on our books always needing new creativity.

Meeting Expectations

On the opposite side of the scale, our clients consist of new undersized technology start ups who came to us because they noticed how we have a capability with choosing excellent employees with digital marketing capabilities. Harvey Thomas are Specialist Software Services Recruiters and Software Sales Recruitment Specialists

Whether bigger and well-known, or slightly smaller and fresh, our customers all desire the best person for their job and they recognize we comprehend their market role and the essential personality an applicant must possess to fit the role.”

“As well, our consultant’s focus on each applicant’s wishes and work/life goals we like to to get a feel for the business opportunity they would be happy in. we need to ensure both sides of the equation are in a win situation, he says.

“It’s important that we don’t put forward a job seeker for a position that doesn’t grab their enthusiasm or appeal to them”.

In addition what’s vital is the business background they feel most at ease in.

For more details about Harvey Thomas just click this link.

The Trend Towards Using A Wedding Planner

Why don’t you just relax and let an Expert Wedding Coordinator run your special day – you’ve surely earned the right to the bets day possible!

As any soon to be married duo who has a special day approaching soon knows, organising a wedding day demands a large amount of valuable time, effort and cash.

Every Aspect Covered

Most every element has to be looked into and approved, including flowers for the service and family members, food selection options, seating arrangements, wedding dress, accessories and bridesmaid and usher clothes and, obviously, wedding site and overnight accommodation.

The file of details – the arranging and implementation of which has to be punctual – is surprisingly infinite – and so is the added cost!

Taking advantage of a wedding coordinator is something that is starting to be more widespread presently.

Utilising a wedding planner is on the majority of engaged couples’ agenda. On the other hand, you may not know it but a professional wedding planning service might be more straightforward to hire than you think. There’s no question, every bride would want to use the help of a wedding planner, and nowadays it might possibly just be less complicated than you think to employ one.

Sound Advice

See these pages to view some good advice concerning the topic of enjoying the benefits of a specialized wedding organiser to make your wedding day go like a dream.

Assistance, though, is just a single little footstep away if you take a look at the pros of making use of a wedding coordinator to take all the worry from the celebration – so the couple and their friends and relatives can enjoy themselves and rejoice in the day.

There’s no doubt that today making use of wedding organizers is expanding rapidly.

Using a wedding planning service is on most of the happy couples’ to-do list. But then, it’s not widely known that a certified wedding planner service may just be simplier and easier to employ than you think. There’s little question, most brides would want the chance to use the benefits of a wedding planner, and today it may just be easier than you think to employ one.

Make a Shortlist

It is suggested that you talk with two or three wedding planners previous to choosing the one to use, and it’s preferable if you pick somebody you like as a person and get along with, as they are certain to be there with you in the surroundings on one of the happiest days of your whole life.

Once a wedding advisor has learned your unique criteria for the special day and the type of celebration you want to hold, they can give you an idea of the range of services which are accessible and the fees – as a point of comparison, you are usually able to pick from whole event preparation, limited event planning and day-only supervision on the special day.


Find out the cost of using a wedding planner before you engage them and make sure that they stay within your budget scope all the way through the whole process, or talk to you if expenses change because of last-minute modifications and changing requirements.

Wedding planner fees are different and you should understand upfront if you are having to pay them a percentage of the total wedding planning price tag, or a single charge.

Go here to view some more on the topic of hiring an expert wedding planner to make your wedding day go even more smoothly.

A positive life – next article

The Digital Marketing Recruitment Game

Hello again, Connie, here.

I worked in recruitment for a number of years and I can tell you that it’s a tough game. The perception from outside of the industry is very different indeed to the truth.

I agree it can become very rewarding once you have built your client base, but if you fail to achieve that end, you will fail in recruitment. It is a true sales job and so many aspiring consultants fail because they do not have the ability to build that loyal and recurring client base.

Setting Up To Fail

For my money, one of the great failings in the industry is the lack of structured training. When I joined my first recruitment company as a junior consultant, I was given a box of cards and a ‘phone and told to get on with it. There was not one ounce of training. I had previously worked in advertising sales and had a traditional Huthwaite sales background so I was O.K.

If I hadn’t had that skillset behind me I would not have known where to start. It’s a churn and burn survival of the fittest in many agencies. The churn rate on consultants is treated as a puire cost of doing business. If the numbers work for the business the owners would argue it’s justified, but what about the human cost?

Human Cost

The cost to the self image and self esteem of the failures who are cast aside like oily rags on the recruitment scrap heap of life (that was dramatic wasn’t it?)

O.K, maybe a bit over the top, but the message is clear.

So, it was a breathe of fresh air to meet Chris Mason of Digital Marketing niche recruiters Intelligent People.

“It’s as the name suggests”, he laughs as I ask Chris about IP’s ethos with their consultants, “obviously we look for intelligence in our consultants, of course we do. But we also look for people who have worked in at least one or two areas of eCommerce or Online Marketing”.

Market Experience

Why do you do that?

“To be honest, we believe we can teach people the “sales” skills they need to get talking to clients. Once they are talking to a potential client, we simply believe it’s more important that they are able to converse on the clients home ground, with the authority of having worked in that niche”, he says, “it’s a massive differentiator against our competition”.

I guess I understand where you are coming from because I have experienced it first hand. I went in to IT recruitment and I had to learn it from the ground up. I knew nothing but the agency concerned (no names here) were happy to just let me lose on the clients with zero market knowledge.

“It’s absolutely crazy” says Chris, “we started in IT too and the modus operandi of most of the agencies was pretty shocking. Doug (Bates, IP’s co-owner and joint MD) and I were suss about it, we had a good work ethic and we learned the markets. But we were both in a “sink or swim” environment as well. I guess it sorts out the winners from the losers, but it is tough on those who fall by the wayside”.


Doug Bates Talks Digital Recruitment


The Right Balance

“I like to think we are much more benevolent, although I am not sure that is the right word, we need to turn a profit and won’t compromise that goal. However, we do invest in a proper structured training program and a Director will always go on client visits with a consultant until they are at least 18 months into the role and self-sufficient. Even then, the support is still there when required”.

I agree a much better way to operate, do you find you gain more loyalty from your consultants because of this approach.

“Oh, absolutely”, he replies, “some of our consultants have been with us for five or six years. Even if they leave we still maintain contact with them, you never know what the future might hold. Two or three ex consultants now work for clients and because of the good relationship we have, guess what? They come to us first with any jobs they need filling. you know it makes sense”!

Market Fragmentation

So, what are the hot areas in marketing recruitment at the moment?

“That’s a really interesting question”, he smiles, “the job functions within the broad digital marketing niche are fragmenting into ever more specialised sub-niches”, Chris explains.

“We’re seeing specialised roles such as growth hacking and loyalty marketing recruitment. But we’re also seeing analytcis chunk down and specialise and ever more complex CRM systems spawning deep niche roles like category management and multi-channel strategy jobs. The role of the online marketing recruitment agency is a fast evolving thing”, he smiles.

Thanks Chris that was an excellent interview and great to get insights into a recruitment agency that obviously cares and does things right!

Article on positivism

Tips and Tricks to Stay Positive in Your Life

screen-shot-2015-04-07-at-2-41-40-pmStaying positive it’s more than just an attitude – it’s something that can help you succeed in the most difficult situations that life throw at you. Positivity is very important in everyone’s life, but not everyone knows how to keep up this state and how to use it.

There are plenty of courses that one can take in order to learn to stay positive, but the truth is that no matter what anyone else is telling you, this has to come from within. It’s something that can be learnt and nurtured so that it grows into a way of living.

If you don’t have the patience to go and take a course or a workshop, we’re going to give you some tips and tricks to stay positive and succeed in everything you want to accomplish.

Be Optimistic

As you certainly know, some people are always thinking about the positive side of a situation. This means that they are optimistic about the outcome or the results, so you can do the same when you’re facing something that you evaluate as difficult. Everything has a bright side, and no matter how bad the situation seems, there has to be a good thing about it and even an opportunity. Try to find them in everything that you do and think forward to the good results that you will have.


Good Influences

Ever wondered how the TV affects you? Let us give you a straightforward reason – everything that is about media can affect you in a bad way. Because of this, it’s important to surround yourself with anything that can lift you up. Quit watching negative shows on TV or news programs where they present only murders and accidents. The best thing to do is to avoid all those negative things and have around you people that can give you a good influence, and positive sources.

positivitySlow Down

It’s important to realize that hurrying along the way will not help you succeed any faster. Try slowing down everything that you do – eating, walking, and even thinking. It will give you an opportunity to analyze things better and find the good opportunities in everything.

Don’t Exaggerate

It’s a saying that goes like this “don’t make a mountain out of a molehill” and this only means that you need to stop exaggerating things and events. For example, if your car broke down, it’s not the end of the world. You will have it repaired soon or you will change it in the near future. Don’t worry too much about these kinds of events, because worrying too much will only lead to negative thoughts and influences.

Don’t Fear

The fear is another major factor that keeps you from living a positive life and having a positive attitude. However, what people perceive as fear is usually represented by vague things that might or might not happen, and when this takes place, people imagine the worst scenarios that could be. In any of these situations, when these so perceived nightmares replace the reality, people surround themselves with a negative energy that prevents them from advancing or succeeding in what they want to do.

happyierBecause of this, you need to stop fearing – don’t think about that you might not be successful with your business or you might not take the exam that you need. The first step towards success in any situation is to go forward and present yourself to the exam or, for the business, start it and see how it goes.

The truth is that you can change your mind patters and start seeing the positive things around you, no matter what situation you face or how bad it looks. The mind is your most powerful tool in constructing your reality, and if you believe that there will be something good that comes out of every situation, then you can be sure that you already know what positivity is in your life.

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